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Limited Edition

Rusty’s Peanut Brittle is made one batch at a time … the quality of the product defies it being made by some mass produced technique like other candies. Most of the senses are required in order to get the exact flavor and texture of its unique character. The sense of sight … seeing the peanuts change color; the sense of smell … smelling the peanuts begin to cook, almost to the point of burning ; the sense of hearing … listening to the popping sound as the caramelization process begins  and finally, the sense of taste … knowing exactly when all the stars are in perfect aignment, making the final product a work of art.   If you appreciate the fact that there is a limited amount of Rusty’s Peanut Brittle made and that each bag is like a limited edition print of a dedicated artist, then you are a special person. You are a person who appreciates fine art, fine food, great wines and a magnificant sunset. This is what makes Rusty’s Peanut Brittle special. There are only a very few people who can make this culinary delight, therefore, there are very few people who will be able to appreciate and enjoy it.  Be one of the few.

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