Rusty's Peanut Brittle

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Every batch of Rusty's Peanut Brittle is measured, mixed and packaged by hand! There is no other way to make this decadent candy treat! That is why our slogan is...

HOMEMADE - One Batch at a Time!

Peanut Brittle


1 - 8 Oz. Bag
Rusty's Peanut Brittle

($9 Brittle + $6 Shipping)


12 - 8 Oz. Bags
Rusty's Peanut Brittle



Growing up in historic Tarboro, North Carolina, Rusty Holderness loved being in his family kitchen while his mother Nancy stirred up a batch of her delicious Peanut Brittle! Using an old family recipe that she learned from her friend, "Miss Bertha", Nancy packaged their Peanut Brittle and shared it with friends and neighbors during the holidays.

In the spirit of true Southern Hospitality, we decided to share this beloved family recipe with you!

We hope that you love our Peanut Brittle as much as we enjoy making it!

Unlike any Peanut Brittle you've tried before, Rusty's Peanut Brittle is buttery and crisp, NEVER hard and sticky!

The eastern North Carolina peanuts are the perfect addition to this crisp, airy candy! Every bite of this crunchy confection is both sweet and salty at the same time. It will definitely have you reaching for seconds!



Sold through our online store and exclusively through Rusty’s Gift Shop and On The Square Restaurant & Wine Shop in Tarboro, NC.

(252) 823-3611