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Rusty’s Peanut Brittle

The 2014 Holiday Season is Here and
Rusty’s Peanut Brittle is Ready!

Rusty’s Peanut Brittle is made in Historic Tarboro, North Carolina by Rusty Holderness who learned to make it from his mother Nancy, who got the recipe from a family friend named Miss Bertha. This brittle is the outcome of the ultimate Southern hospitality – sharing a beloved recipe.

Rusty's Homemade Peanut Brittle

Every batch is hand measured, handmade and broken by hand into perfect sized pieces for packaging. There is no other way to make Rusty’s Brittle. It cannot be mass produced as the key to its old fashioned decadence is the chemistry that creates the candy. The color of this peanut brittle reminds you of the bronze you see on many a Magnolia Queen on July 4th. To describe this handmade Southern specialty, however, is a little unfair since you can’t taste it yet.

The farthest thing from any and all peanut brittle you’ve tasted before, Rusty’s culinary confection dissolves in your mouth, leaving a sweet-as-caramel-sugar ending that squashes any thoughts of not having a second piece. Crunchy yet delicate. Crispy and airy, rather than sticky. Unbelievably sweet and salty in the same bite. The salinity of the locally grown Eastern North Carolina peanuts makes the mouth ache for more. So savory, it’s sinful. Sinful, yet heavenly.

Sold through our online store and exclusively in Tarboro through Rusty’s Gift Shop and On The Square Restaurant & Wine Shop, Rusty’s Peanut Brittle is delicious alone, with a rich red wine or crumbled on top of vanilla ice cream.

Rusty's Peanut Brittle

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